Amazing Savants

Even though no one posted that they watch the videos (thanks!) I’m posting these anyway. So screw you!

We’ll start out easy. This one is only 5 minutes and it will blow your mind.

Derek is a musical genius. There are 5 parts to this story, each about 10 minutes. If you start, you won’t stop. It’s astounding.

Daniel Tammet has an amazing brain. He can learn languages to fluency in a week, do insane math. He can recite Pi to 22,500 decimal places. It’s another 5 part series with each part being around 10 minutes.

I almost hesitate to post this one, but it’s a great story too. I hesitate because this is the story that inspired the movie Rain Man. Why does that make me hesitate? Because every one of these stories is worth your time, not just the one that’s the least fearful because of its familiarity.

Don’t watch the first one of each and say “oh that looked interesting, but I need to go watch that movie that looks like it’s going to suck but I’m going to watch it anyway” or “I would have watched those, but I had to listen to another song with the word ‘baby’ in it” or whatever lame excuse you’ll come up with. Watch them all. You’ll be glad you did.

Whatever happened to 100%?

Harken back with me, gentle reader. Harken back to a time when the most you could give was 100%. Remember those days? When the most you could give was the most you could give? Those days are gone now. Now you have to give more than is possible.

While we’re living in the fucking past (3000 years of beautiful tradition,) remember back before every commercial on TV was about auto insurance? DVR’s actually make the insanely high percentage of these commercials even more obvious. The worst ones are the “Now What?” ones where they show a bunch of other people being responsible for huge damage to your car and then ask if you have good insurance. You’ve seen the one where the painters are on the side of a glass building with open paint cans(!) and the harness comes loose and spills paint on your crappy yellow “sports” car and then it gets hit by a firetruck and a giant foot falls out of the sky and smushes it. How is any of that your fault? Who gives a shit what insurance you have? We all know who was at fault here, so what the fuck are you talking about?

Remember when people could say “method” instead of “methodology” ?

Remember when people could say (the correct) “I couldn’t care less!” instead of the meaningless “I could care less!” Oh, could you? Go right ahead! Me, I could not care less than I do right now.

Which brings me to my point. Here’s my point, dude.

Think critically. Think about what you do and say. Do your best to notice your habits and break them. Speaking and acting out of habit keep you in a rut. Oh, and do what your parents did: get a job, sir!

Do what your parents did! Get a job sir!

In case WordPress unhelpfully strips the embed code from my feeds, here’s a link to the video.

The video stands completely on its own, so I’ll just say: go buy the latest Harvey Milk album. It’s great! For a more substantial taste, you can listen to the full track on their website.

Oh and Beck is still derivative crap.