Aw hell, I lost my train of thought here.

In no order.

I’m a colossal sell-out. I own an iPhone. Trust me that no amount of hassle you might send my way will be greater than the amount of hassle I send my own way about it. I love having a real browser and some fun games all in my phone. I don’t love the massively inconsistent UI (well I sorta do because it gives me FUEL for my FIRE!) the crashiness, the slowness, the lack of multi-tasking and the leakiness. But most of all I don’t love that I was stupid enough to buy right before the next gen hardware comes out with stuff you might expect a phone this old to have.

The App Store is a bad joke. It’s impossible to browse in any meaningful way. It asks you for a password, but doesn’t explain *what* password it’s asking you for. I’m sure mac-droids “just know” but I didn’t. You have to have a credit-card-backed account to download free apps. You can’t make that account via a web page and you must install the second worst software on the planet, iTunes (MS Word, you’re still king!) to create the account. Why would they let you create it on your phone with a web browser when they can infect your PC too? For me this meant finding a windows install to put iTunes on. Thank god iTunes installs quicktime! I love that quicktime!

Anyway, blah blah blah. I feel like a failure and a sell-out. Apple you still suck.

Why not the G1? Apple holds the multi-touch patent! Thanks! Also inertia. I’ve been an at&t customer for a long time and I’m shockingly lazy. T-Mobile didn’t really help themselves though. I spent 45 minutes in their store waiting to talk to one of their customer service monkeys. They thought it was a better use of their time to help people who came in after me and whose questions largely revolved around nickel & dime stuff like pre-paid phones. Maybe that’s where they make their real money? Anyway, I tried to use it and it seemed clunky, but it also wasn’t on a network, so it was hard to gauge. The whole experience played on my spectacular laziness though, so I ended up sticking with what I had provider-wise.

Switched back to Debian for about 10 minutes at work. Couldn’t make the fonts look anything but horrible, so I switched back to Ubuntu which made me sad. Still can’t get a font that looks this good. Maybe it’s my white-on-black requirement like Happy suggested?

Steve Yegge has announced that he’s going to quit blogging. More sadness. I hope it’s a joke or that he changes his mind. He’s easily my favorite blogger by a very very large margin.

I bought a Flip Ultra HD 8G and think it’s pretty cool! It’s an HD video camera that’s about the size of a pack of cigarettes and costs about 200 bucks. Pretty fun. Their website sucks so they don’t get a link, but you know how to use a search engine.

Hey speaking of, has Google lost its edge or what? Seems like the last two months most of my searches have spam at the top. I’m getting way more spam in my inbox in my slower-than-ever google apps account too. What gives, Google?

After months of struggling with the very-crashy and 90s-web-design of MediaTomb, I found PS3MediaServer and it’s impressive. My favorite feature so far is the ability to rip DVD ISOs and play them on my PS3 over wireless with little quality loss. It’s the very first Java app that I’ve ever had a positive experience with.

I’m really really digging writing stuff in Ruby. I’ve finally started to get object-oriented programming and while I don’t see it as a panacea, it does make some things way easier.

While I love writing stuff in Ruby, I don’t yet love running stuff that’s Ruby. When you want to run a Ruby web app, and to a lesser extent when you’re writing Ruby, it seems like the documentation is written assuming you already know how to do it. This isn’t an uncommon problem with documentation. When writing documentation it’s difficult to think of the things you might not know, but Ruby (and Git) documentation seems especially bad about this. Maybe it’s just that those are the two things I’ve been trying to learn lately.

As if you’re still reading. Ha!

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