Type less, smile more

How many times a week do you type /etc/init.d/blah start and then you realize you’re on HP-UX and it’s /sbin/init.d/blah Forget it. # Turn on extended globbing and programmable completion shopt -s extglob progcomp export MYOS=$(uname -s) if [[ “${MYOS}” = “Linux” || “${MYOS}” = “SunOS” ]] ; then INITDIR=’/etc/init.d’; else INITDIR=’/sbin/init.d’; fi export INITDIR; […]

Meme take 1

So as I’m sure you’ll imagine I’m not big on blog memes or chain letters, but I thought of one that might be fun, so I thought I’d give it a shot especially since my blogging has dwindled a bit lately. So the meme is Today’s Hell, the idea being that you describe a situation […]


If you use multiple computers, you have to check out DropBox. It hooks into your file-manager (Linux, Windows, Mac) and gives you a special folder that’s synced to all of your machines as well as being accessible via the web (both authenticated and a “Public” folder.) If you’re even mildly interested they have a great […]


So Google’s launching a new browser called Chrome. It’s based off WebKit which is Apple’s re-do of KHTML which is the HTML rendering engine created for Konqueror, the KDE browser. If the post is to be believed, it promises to be extremely cool, especially for people with multiple CPUs. The sand-boxing and new javascript engine […]